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Action Alert: Fight Cuts to Life-Saving HIV Services!

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

[Editor’s note: Thank you to everyone who made calls and sent messages advocating for HIV/AIDS programs and services. The Senate deadline for this action has passed. Stay tuned for future opportunities to make your voice heard in Washington, DC.]

Right now millions of dollars in emergency funding for life-saving HIV/AIDS programs are threatened by massive budget slashes—but you can take action to stop those cuts.

On World AIDS Day 2011, President Obama announced a $35 million emergency increase to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), as well as a $10 million increase to Ryan White Part C community health centers. These funds now face elimination in the continuing resolution that senators and representatives are currently negotiating in Washington, DC. (The continuing resolution is legislation that allows federal agencies and programs to continue to operate at current funding levels through a given fiscal year.)

In California, the elimination of these funds will result in a $7 million cut to ADAP—the largest cut to any state—as well as heavy losses to Ryan White Part C. That’s on top of the 5% sequestration cuts that will have a major impact on HIV/AIDS programs and services, such as testing, housing, and substance use treatment. Services in other states, like Georgia and Alabama, also stand to lose significant amounts of federal funding, which is particularly troubling as those services already receive little or no state or local support.

The Senate deadline to file language in an amendment to prevent these cuts is this Monday at 4:30 Eastern Time. Please contact your senators and representative today. Tell them to protect funding to ADAP and Ryan White Part C. Tell them real lives are at stake, and cutting resources for people who rely on life-saving HIV/AIDS services is dangerous policy.

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30 Responses to Action Alert: Fight Cuts to Life-Saving HIV Services!

  1. MICHAEL says:


  2. Eddie Hamilton says:

    Could someone explain to me something? With all of the national HIV advocacy organizations and lobbyists etc etc., how in the hell did we just find out TODAY?

  3. Benjamin Gerritz says:

    An AIDS free generation? Sounds hopeful but hope is made reality through sound policy. We are a long ways to achieving this dream and Congress’s recent inaction will make the dream fleeting. Funding for HIV is cost-effective. Imagine if everyone were tested like the CDC has been recommending for years and everyone had access to meds and high quality care. Now imagine $20,000,000,000. This figure is what it cost for lifetime medical treatment ($400,000 for each case) of HIV multiplied by 50,000 infections. That’s how much we would save if we realized NHAS’s goal of the US being a place where new infections are rare. The cost per QALY for HIV testing is currently on par with federal guidelines for mammograms, diabetes, and colorectal cancer screenings. The cost of not being able to provide testing for all of these conditions translates into short-sighted savings setiing us up for future fiscal disaster. I urge us all to consider that words calling for an AIDS free generation are powerful if backed up through policy action and i hope the dream is realized.

  4. PSPS says:

    Without the funding needed we will never put and END2AIDS, the time to act is now, contact you congressional leader today, NOW! and pass this information throught all you contacts and social media sites.
    Some one you may know, will be forever greatful…

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