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Get More from Your Medical Care: Seven Resources Show You How

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

MedicalDevices2How can you fit medical regular appointments into your life—and get more out of them?

The seven resources below can help you understand how doctors think, boost communication with your medical provider (or find a new one), and keep up with regular appointments. (Tip: Book your provider’s first appointment of the day. You’ll be less likely to spend precious time in a packed waiting room as delays pile up.)

Wherever you go for your medical care, there’s something for you in this resource round-up.

Resources for Your Health

Tips and Tools for Keeping Up with Medical Appointments: Whether you’re new to HIV treatment or have decades of experience, keeping up with medical visits is a vital part of taking care of yourself. Here’s how to make it easier.

Better Patient-Provider Relationships Linked with Fewer Missed Appointments: Recent research agrees with many people’s personal experience: Keeping up with medical visits is easier when you feel heard and respected by your provider.

Checklist: My Ideal Provider: Starting from scratch, or thinking of switching medical providers? Use this handy checklist to help identify a provider who meets your needs.

Four Online “Finders” for Care and Services: Locating medical care and services takes just a few clicks with these top-notch online “finders.”

Making the Most of Your Medical Visits: Do your medical appointments leave you frustrated or confused, with unanswered questions? Learn strategies for communicating with your provider and getting the care you need.

“Talking Points” Checklist for You and Your Doctor: Want to build better communication with your medical team? Not sure how to talk to your doc about HIV treatment? This user-friendly online questionnaire is for you.

Tips for Talking with Your Doctor: Short appointments and miscommunication can leave patients and providers alike feeling frustrated. Read on for smart strategies to get more from your medical visits.


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