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New Resource: HIV Cure Research Glossary

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

HIVglossHIV science literacy has always been fundamental to AIDS activism; after all, “knowledge is power.” As HIV cure research makes headlines, tools for science literacy become ever more important—for understanding the latest HIV cure news, and for telling fact from fantasy in mainstream media.

That’s where the new “HIV/AIDS Cure Research Glossary of Terms” comes in. The brainchild of four HIV/AIDS organizations—Project Inform, the Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise (DARE), the Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication, and defeatHIV—the glossary defines terms and acronyms from antiretroviral therapy to zinc-finger nucleases.

Targeted toward educating journalists and news bloggers who might otherwise overstate the significance of HIV cure developments, the glossary puts HIV cure research in perspective, says David Evans of Project Inform and DARE. “A reliable and scale-able HIV cure is likely years away and not months,” he explains on the Project Inform website. “In the end it’s cruel to get people’s hopes up…and can lead to a sense of skepticism that we will ever have a cure, which I do think we will one day.”

The 12-page glossary includes nearly three dozen definitions, and it’s not just for members of the media: “This new glossary can also be used by people living with HIV and their care and service providers to educate themselves and others about the basic concepts involved in current HIV cure efforts,” Evans adds.

Visit Project Inform online to learn more about this collaborative project and download a PDF of the new HIV cure glossary.


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