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HIV Drug Pipeline Prospects

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

As they gain deeper understanding of the virus itself and how it affects the body’s systems, researchers are continuing to explore new treatment options for people with HIV. In a summary article excerpted below and available on TheBodyPRO.com, Warren Tong discusses six HIV drugs that are showing promise in the development pipeline, and what advantages they may offer over currently available HIV meds.

For more facts about the drugs discussed in the article (and others), visit AIDSmeds.com’s Treatments for HIV & AIDS page. (Experimental treatments are listed without images.)

Six Promising HIV Drugs in the Pipeline

By Warren Tong

December 5, 2012

What new HIV medications do we have to look forward to over the next few years? How will these newer drugs improve upon the older ones? To shed some light on these questions, Roy Gulick, M.D., provided an overview at ID Week 2012 of drugs in development….Newer drugs should build upon some of these aspects, he said:

  • Improve convenience (reduce dosage frequency, less than once a day).
  • Improve tolerability and reduce toxicity (even the best drugs today still have some of these issues).
  • Penetrate reservoirs more effectively (such as the genital tract and central nervous system).
  • Exploit new targets, thereby improving activity (particularly against drug-resistant viruses).
  • Improve formulation.

The list of drugs in the pipeline continues to be full of antiretroviral agents, whether they are in early development or undergoing clinical trials. Gulick highlighted six of the most promising drugs….

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