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The hottest articles on BETA in 2016

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

year in review picThe past year has been an exciting time in the world of HIV prevention, treatment, and cure research and news. BETA served up expert opinion, relevant Q&As, coverage at major research conferences, and editorials by our team of contributors. Here’s a look back at the year with a list of our most popular articles.

In January, we kicked off the year by discussing an issue, housing, that affects many San Franciscans—whether living with HIV or not, and heard from PrEP providers what they think about rising rates of STIs. In February, we spoke with David Malebranche about the Black Lives Matter movement and improving the health of people of color, dug into the issue of why more women aren’t taking PrEP, and explored the issue of the first case of failed PrEP.

“My Biggest Fear Isn’t AIDS, It’s Being Evicted From My Rent-Controlled Unit”

We Aren’t the Sex Police: What PrEP Providers Say About Condoms & STIs

David Malebranche

David Malebranche, MD, MPH (Photo: Tinnetta Bell)

David Malebranche, MD, MPH, on Changing the Narrative of Black Same-Gender Loving Men

Why Aren’t More Women Taking PrEP?

Dr. Robert Grant weighs in after the first case of failed PrEP: What does it mean?

In the Spring, we learned more about gonorrhea transmission from Pierre-Cédric Crouch, PhD, ANP, the nursing director at Magnet, and got news of long-acting HIV therapy injections and other HIV research from the Conference of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections from Liz Highleyman, Brandyn Gallagher, and San Francisco HIV medical providers and researchers.

We also spread the word about fentanyl-laced drugs in our community in an article by Syringe Access Services staff member Kristen Marshall, and heard from Dr. Joanna Eveland about when she’s encountered HIV stigma working in the HIV community and medical field. Also, Liz Highleyman shared information about a new HIV drug named Descovy. In May, we asked community members about the word “AIDS”—what it means to people who’ve been diagnosed with AIDS, and if it makes sense for us to move away from this description.

“I’m a Top! How Did I Get Gonorrhea in My Butt?”

Riding the Waves in Uncharted Waters: Excitement and Hope for Transmasculine People in HIV Research

San Francisco HIV experts: What did you learn at CROI 2016?

New HIV treatments discussed at CROI 2016

FDA approves Descovy, an updated version of Truvada—but not for PrEP

Fake Pills and Fentanyl Responsible for at Least 13 Fatal Overdoses in Northern California This Month

Joanna Eveland, MD

An HIV Doctor’s Take on HIV Stigma

Can we say goodbye to the word AIDS?

July was a busy month. We welcomed two new BETA contributors, humor writer and photographer Cirrus Wood and HIV activist David Duran. Wood debuted with an op-ed piece about making money from a gig on Craigslist, and David Duran explored the issue of HIV disclosure.

BETA also shared an article by the PrEP Facts Facebook group founder Damon Jacobs, LMFT, explored the challenges that women at risk for HIV encounter when accessing PrEP, and shared exciting news about HIV prevention and treatment from the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Cirrus Wood

Cirrus Wood

The Incidental Pornographer

That One Time I Didn’t Reveal My HIV Status

How do you talk about PrEP to young Black men at risk for HIV?

Two Women, Both with Stories Showing How Hard It Is for Women to Get PrEP

AIDS 2016: San Francisco and New York Lead in PrEP Use

HIV Prevention Ring for Women More Than 75% Effective, New Analyses Show

David Duran

David Duran

HIV Drug Pricing Protest Interrupts PrEP Session at AIDS 2016

For Gay Men, Zero HIV Transmissions with Condomless Anal Sex and Undetectable Viral Load in PARTNER Study

In August and September, we started gearing up for the election with an inside look at some of the issues relevant to our community in San Francisco and California. HIV activist and San Francisco AIDS Foundation staff member Vince Crisostomo wrote about the Dignity Fund (a measure which ended up passing in San Francisco), and adult film stars and activists provided a critical look at Prop 60 (which ended up being defeated).

BETA also published fresh sexual health information from Shaun Barcavage, NP, and Pierre-Cedric Crouch, PhD, ANP-BC, and critical HIV medication information from our pharmacist, Jen Cocohoba, PharmD, AAHIVE.

Is Prop 60 really about safer sex? Here’s the inside scoop from activists and adult film stars

10 reasons the HIV community should vote YES for the Dignity Fund

semen eye HIVHelp! I got semen in my eye. What do I do?

Harnesses & harm reduction at Folsom Street Fair [photo essay]

Hey healthcare providers of young gay/queer men: Are you telling them about PrEP?

The HIV test came back positive – now what?

Ask A Pharmacist: With a new tenofovir, should you switch to Descovy, Genvoya or Odefsey?

This fall and into the winter, we shared breaking HIV news that bridged HIV research and HIV history—by explaining a study disproving the myth of Gaetan Dugas as “Patient Zero.” David Duran explained why we need to get the facts straight when we’re sharing HIV cure news, and shared research on precisely how effective treatment as prevention truly is.

In advance of World AIDS Day, San Francisco AIDS Foundation staff share memories of what it was like to work for an AIDS service organization in the early days of the epidemic.

I’m going to be a bit of a Debbie Downer about the recent HIV cure news

Gaëtan Dugas

Gaëtan Dugas

The French-Canadian flight attendant Gaëtan Dugas was NOT ‘Patient Zero’ of HIV in the U.S.

Raw sex: What the research says about risk when you’re undetectable

AIDS in 1985, and today

We closed the year by catching up with the legendary Jake Sobo, hearing from HIV activist Cleve Jones in an interview by The Stigma Project founder Chris Richey, and the latest HIV cure news shared at the 2016 amfAR HIV Cure Summit.

Jake Sobo: My life on PrEP—4 years later

When We Rise: The exclusive interview with AIDS activist & author Cleve Jones

HIV cure research’s biggest obstacle explained. Updates from the 2016 HIV Cure Summit [part 1]

Shock & kill: Battle plans for attacking HIV and other updates from the 2016 HIV Cure Summit [part 2]

Groundbreaking HIV cure study beings in 2017. Updates from the 2016 HIV Cure Summit [part 3]

Join us next year for continued coverage of all things HIV. If you’d like to submit your ideas for stories or articles for the coming year, email the editor at beta (at) sfaf.org.


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