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New Resource: Updated HIV Drug Guide

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

People living with HIV (and their medical care and service providers) have an updated, user-friendly new resource for understanding antiretroviral treatment options.

The 17th Annual HIV Drug Guide, published in the March/April 2013 issue of Test Positive Aware Network’s Positively Aware magazine, details how to use each FDA-approved HIV medication, describes possible side effects and potential drug interactions—and even offers frank perspectives from an HIV doc and a person living with the virus. Following each description, HIV specialist Howard Grossman, MD, and longtime treatment activist Matt Sharp offer their takes on the pros and cons of each drug, from how well it works to how hard the tablets (or the price tag) are to swallow.

Access the Drug Guide here and get started exploring today’s HIV treatment options. (The online version is ad-free; PDF and digital options are also available.)


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