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HIV JournalView, TheBodyPRO.com’s periodic summary of recently published HIV research, is another reader-friendly resource for keeping tabs on developments in HIV prevention and treatment.

In the October/November 2012 issue, David Alain Wohl, MD, dissects and explains six research reports on topics ranging from HIV health disparities to medication adherence to diabetes treatment in the setting of HIV—all with humor and a down-to-earth style that make the science easy to digest.

See for yourself in the excerpt below, and read the summary articles in full at TheBodyPRO.com.

HIV JournalView: October/November 2012

By David Alain Wohl, MD

November 27, 2012

Are Racial Disparities in HIV Outcomes Diminishing?

Richard D. Moore et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2012;55(9):1242-51. Read the abstract.

Disparities in health outcomes are pervasive in the U.S., with some in our big pot melting better than others. Racial and ethnic minorities, and those living close to or in poverty, typically get burned. When it comes to HIV care, there have been data pointing to significant disparities, including racial differences, in the rates at which antiretroviral therapy (ART) are prescribed, viral suppression is achieved and mortality is averted.

In an important and provocative paper from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, differences in HIV outcomes, including receipt of combination ART, HIV RNA levels, CD4+ cell counts, opportunistic infections and mortality, were examined and stratified by HIV risk group, sex and race. At their Baltimore, Md.-based clinic, 6,366 patients were followed from 1995 to 2010; about two thirds were men, three quarters were African American, 45% were injection drug users (IDU), 30% were men who have sex with men (MSM) and 60% had either Medicaid or private insurance….

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