Switch On Your HIV Smarts.

How to recycle HIV medications you don’t need in San Francisco

, by Emily Land

Do you have unused, unwanted HIV medications taking up room in your medicine cabinet?

T.J. Lee, SFAF program manager

T.J. Lee, Positive Force program manager

Consider donating them to the Recycled AIDS Medicine Program (RAMP) at the new location in Strut (470 Castro Street), the health and wellness center of San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

RAMP is a non-profit organization that gathers and delivers unused HIV medications to organizations overseas. They go—under a doctor’s supervision—to people who otherwise would not have access. For instance, they may go to people on a temporary basis who are waiting to receive government health assistance.

The RAMP box was placed in Strut at the beginning of March, said T.J. Lee, Positive Force program manager, who helped organize the placement of the box. Already, the box has been filled by community members and collected by RAMP twice.

“I’ve known about RAMP since they began operating almost 20 years ago. It’s a great organization. People can recycle HIV meds if their prescription changes, or if they have old HIV medications after a friend or partner dies. This is the best way to get HIV medications to people who may not have access or be able to afford them. It can really make such a big difference in people’s lives,” said Lee.

Donate your medications at Strut (470 Castro Street), at other locations in San Francisco and California, or through the mail.  (Look for the RAMP box underneath the stairwell on the first floor of Strut.)

  • Black out the patient’s name, address and doctor’s information.
  • Make sure the medication name, strength and expiration date are visible.
  • Narcotics, sleeping medications and tranquilizers are not accepted.

Email info@rampusa.org with any questions.



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