Switch On Your HIV Smarts.

Sex, Love, and Relationships: A BETA Valentine

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

YouRockHeartWhat makes sex good? How do you talk about “undetectable” with your date? Are the rules changing around condomless sex? What makes open relationships work?

You won’t find these questions in a box of conversation hearts…but you will find them here on BETA! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these personal stories, Q&As, and other resources for your relationships and sexual health.

Promiscuous Gay Nerd: What Makes Sex Good? Columnist Jake Sobo’s New Year’s resolution? To track every sexual encounter and see what makes sex good. What has he learned so far?

How Do You Talk About It? Two Guys Take on “Undetectable”: How do poz guys and negative guys talk about undetectable viral load with dates, partners, and other people in their lives? Meet Zachary and Derek, and find out.

You, Me, and the Virus Makes Three: Boy meets boy. Boys fall in love. Boy tests positive for HIV. See how this love story unfolds over 26 years.

Shawn and Gwenn: A Boy, a Girl, and a Virus: Shawn Decker and Gwenn Barringer draw from their own mixed-HIV-status relationship to educate students around the country.

Got Questions About PrEP? Get Answers with the New PrEPfacts.org: “Where do you fit in?” asks the newly expanded PrEPfacts.org. Find accurate info tailored for gay and bi men, straight women, African-Americans, and Spanish-speaking Latinos.

“Raw Sex”—Are the Rules Changing? Hear how a gay porn director, five community panelists, and a packed audience answered this question at a public forum on raw sex and HIV prevention.

New Resource: “State of the Art HIV Prevention”: Nerd out with your sweetheart and get up to speed on the current state of HIV prevention science.

How Common Are Open Relationships—And What Makes Them Work? Take a glimpse into open relationships in San Francisco, and learn 5 ways to strengthen your own relationships, whatever form they may take.

AIDS 2012—HIV and Aging: News flash: Older people have sex! And they’re at risk for HIV: A significant proportion of all people living with HIV in the U.S. are age 50 or older.


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