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Slideshow: How Will We Finally Create an HIV Vaccine?

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Decades into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we still lack a successful vaccine against the virus. Why? And what will it take to create, test, and deliver one?

In an eye-opening slideshow, eight experts address these questions and share their views on the future of an HIV vaccine. Their responses may surprise you!

The first slide is excerpted below, and you can watch the full slideshow over at TheBodyPRO.com.

How Will We Finally Create a Successful Vaccine for HIV?

By Warren Tong, TheBodyPRO.com

Back in 2009, results from the RV144 HIV vaccine trial, aka the Thai trial, found that the HIV vaccine candidate in the study was about 31% effective in protecting against HIV when compared to a placebo. Though this result was modest, it was the first major breakthrough in HIV vaccine research, which renewed hope in the field. Since then, new vaccine candidates and approaches have been developed, with many more options being explored.

However, vaccine development can be a slow, challenging process. We asked some of the leading experts in the field what some of the biggest obstacles are to developing a successful HIV vaccine, and what we can do to overcome them….

Click here to watch the slideshow on TheBodyPRO.com.

To learn more about the history of vaccine development—and the case for continued vaccine advocacy—check out “AIDS Vaccine Research and Advocacy: An Update” from the BETA archive.


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