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“Talking Points” Checklist for You and Your Doctor

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Good communication with your medical provider can help you choose—and stick with—an HIV treatment regimen that works for you. But keeping track of your questions and concerns about adherence, side effects, and other treatment issues can be a challenge.

Click here for tips on talking with doctors and getting more from your medical visits.

Talking Points, created by UK-based HIV-education organization NAM, may help. Use this online questionnaire to build a checklist of questions and issues to raise at your next appointment. You can tailor the questionnaire to your own situation, whether you are already on HIV treatment or beginning to consider it, and download, email, or print your responses.

“By answering the questions,” the Talking Points webpage notes, “you will be able to build up a list of important issues to talk to your doctor about, so that the treatment you receive is right for you.”

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