Switch On Your HIV Smarts.

Top 10 for 2017

, by Andrew Hattori


These 10 were our most read in 2017. Did you see them all?

1. Anal douching safety tips for gay men who bottom

How many times a week it’s safe to douche, and other advice by a San Francisco AIDS Foundation sexual health provider. Read More 

2. Men on PrEP & HIV-positive men are getting hepatitis C during sex—here’s why

The hep C virus can live in rectal fluid and semen, which is why it can be transmitted during sex. Cases are now being found in men on PrEP. Read More 

3. Dear gay boys: An open letter about sexual assault in the queer community

“Being out and active in the gay community for a decade has put me in a lot of complicated situations,” writes Marc Silva.” Read More 

4. Straight women, here’s what you (and everyone) needs to know about PEP (and PrEP)

Did you know there’s something you can do to prevent HIV infection after exposure? Well, there is. Read More 

5. Gay men living with HIV factor being ‘undetectable’ into decisions about sex

People who are undetectable do not transmit HIV to others. Do people living with HIV know this, and are they acting on it? Read More 

6. PrEP and reaching people of color, trans women, and young people

Not everyone at risk for HIV knows about PrEP, and many people who could benefit from PrEP believe it’s not for them. Read More 

7. 51% reduction in San Francisco HIV infections since 2012

HIV infections in San Francisco are declining, but disparities remain among people who are homeless, people who use drugs, African Americans and Latinos. Read More 

8. A long-term survivor in San Francisco reflects on undetectable, a changing city and a new era of HIV

Moving to San Francisco just in time to witness the beginning of AIDS, Hank Trout quickly saw his community decimated and a shift from freedom to terror. Read More 

9. What puts young trans* women at risk for HIV? A Q&A with two San Francisco researchers

Recent research has identified unique life experiences that increase HIV risk among young trans* women, which may help inform HIV prevention efforts. Read More 

10. Safer drug use spaces will benefit San Francisco, advocates say

To improve the health of people who use drugs, a task force in San Francisco will investigate the feasibility of establishing safe consumption sites. Read More 


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