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Virtual Library: Gay Men’s Health

, by Reilly O'Neal

GrungeFlagCaduceusCROP“Gay men have lots of moving parts—some of them not, you know, our genitals,” quipped Dr. Ron Stall in a BETA interview last fall. Accurate, up-to-date information on preventing and treating HIV and other sexually transmitted infections is vital, but as Stall’s work attests, gay and bi men’s health needs and priorities don’t end there.

So in addition to covering sexual wellness (“the area between the knee and the navel,” as Stall puts it), the BETA blog brings you news and perspectives relevant to gay and bi men’s emotional and physical well-being. Access them in our ever-expanding virtual library of resources and articles on gay men’s health.

Here’s just a small sample of what you will find:

Many more perspectives, personal stories, expert opinions, and science summaries can be found in this gay men’s health virtual library, and new pieces are added regularly. Put these resources to good use, and take care of your whole-person health.

Want to see other areas of gay men’s health covered on the BETA blog? Let us know! Leave a comment below or send your suggestions to beta@sfaf.org.

Reilly O’Neal is a freelance writer and former editor of BETA.


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