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Webinar: Prescribing, Managing, and Billing for PrEP

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

QuestionMarksChalkboardAs more people learn about PrEP and consider whether it’s right for them, provider education about this fairly new HIV prevention tool becomes increasingly important.

How—and for whom—should PrEP be prescribed? What’s involved with managing patients who use PrEP? What about side effects and the risk for HIV drug resistance? And what’s the best way to bill for PrEP-related medical visits?

Get answers to these and other key questions in a free April 3 webinar, “The Doc Is In—Prescribing, Managing and Billing for PrEP for HIV Prevention.” Hosted by the Los Angeles County PrEP Workgroup and AVAC’s PxROAR program, this hour-long webinar will feature experts in the field and will provide opportunities to get your own questions answered about incorporating PrEP into your medical practice.

Looking for billing codes? PrEPfacts.org‘s got you covered: Download the new “PrEP Facts” brochure for a list of billing codes you can use when prescribing PrEP and working with PrEP patients.

See the brief webinar invitation below for details, and click here to register and submit your questions.

The Doc Is In – Prescribing, Managing and Billing for PrEP for HIV Prevention

  • Date: April 3, 2014
  • Time: 12:001:00 p.m. EST

The Los Angeles County PrEP Workgroup and AVAC’s PxROAR program are pleased to invite you to join the webinar The Doc is In: Prescribing, Managing and Billing for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for HIV Prevention.

The Doc is In aims to address some of the key issues around PrEP prescribing, such as concerns around drug resistance, cost and reimbursement, risk assessment and side effects, among others.

The webinar will feature Nika Seidman and Shannon Weber from the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center, and Tony Mills, a general medicine practitioner specializing in HIV care in Los Angeles. Click here to register.

“Prescribing and monitoring PrEP is much easier than managing HIV infection.” See what else longtime HIV specialist Dr. Joel Gallant has to say about fitting PrEP into his own practice—and get PrEP resources for providers.


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