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transgender spectrum

6 easy ways to affirm transgender and non-binary people

, by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

In collaboration with TransLife and the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, BETA offers some quick tips on how to respect, acknowledge and affirm the transgender and gender non-binary people in your life. Read More

New Sex-positive Videos Showcase Transgender Health Issues

, by Emily Land

Two new videos empower transgender people to make safer sexual decisions. Read More

Transcending barriers for safer pleasure

New Resource for Transgender Women Considering PrEP

, by Emily Land

Project Inform and Outshine NW offer practical, sex-positive advice to transgender women at risk of HIV who may benefit from PrEP. Read More

PrEP Works for Transgender Women According to New Analysis

, by Emily Land

New analysis shows transgender women can be protected from HIV with PrEP, but there are barriers to adherence. Read More

Meeting the Needs of Transgender People in San Francisco: A Clinician’s Perspective

, by Emily Land

Barry Zevin, MD, helps the transgender community, and the providers that serve them, navigate a complicated landscape of service delivery and medically necessary treatments. Read More

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