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AIDS 2012: On Your Mark, Get Set…

, by Reilly O'Neal

AIDS 2012 logoHIV scientists, advocates, policy makers, and providers are gearing up for the XIX International AIDS Conference, happening July 22–27 in Washington, DC. This year the conference, nicknamed “AIDS 2012,” is returning to the United States for the first time since 1990.

With hundreds of presentations, poster sessions, and interactive workshops to choose from, conference-goers will have ample opportunity to learn about the state of HIV prevention and treatment worldwide, evaluate recent developments in HIV science and hear breaking news from the field, and share lessons learned from the communities and groups hardest hit by the pandemic.

Whether you’re headed to DC next month or keeping tabs from home, you can expect the conference to be informative, inspiring…and a little overwhelming! To make the most of your time and brainpower, check the BETA blog for sneak peeks in the lead-up to AIDS 2012 and for breaking news and inside views throughout the conference.

Getting Started: Links to AIDS 2012 Resources

Here are links to a handful of resources to get you started planning your own conference coverage.

  • AIDS 2012: The official conference website, jam-packed with information on all things AIDS 2012. The online “Programme-at-a-Glance” (coming soon) is an invaluable planning tool; it lets you build your daily schedule around not-to-be-missed activities and see which sessions will be webcast, so you can catch them later. Visit the site to preview the plenaries, check out the conference blog, and even get tips for where to go in DC when you need to slip into tourist mode.
  • AIDS.gov blog:  Conference-specific posts on the federal AIDS.gov blog provide updates, news about U.S. government activities at AIDS 2012, and opinions from national leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  • Global Health Glossary: Brush up on your HIV vocabulary as you prep for the conference. Compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this glossary defines terms related to HIV/AIDS, as well as other health conditions. (Curious what a “zoonotic disease” is? Look it up!)

More links and other resources will be posted as the conference approaches, so check back often. In the meantime, let us know how YOU plan to take part in AIDS 2012. Is your organization participating in the conference or hosting a conference “hub”? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Reilly O’Neal is a freelance writer and former editor of BETA.


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