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Video: Understanding Undetectable Viral Load

, by Florie Charles and Alex Olson

Editor’s note (2016): Since this blog post was published in 2013, there have been many exciting developments in research on viral suppression and treatment as prevention. We now have substantial evidence that people living with HIV who maintain an undetectable viral load to not transmit HIV to sex partners. For an update on the science, read “Zero transmission with condomless anal sex and undetectable viral loads in PARNTER Study,” and “Raw sex: What the research says about risk when you’re undetectable.”

Suppressing the virus to “undetectable” levels has long played a key role in maintaining the health of people with HIV—and recent research shows it can also dramatically cut HIV transmission risk, with implications for individuals, couples, and populations.

Find out how and get the facts in this video.

Florie Charles, a PhD candidate at the University of California, San Francisco, launched Youreka Science with the goal of making science more accessible to the public. Florie has recently been joined by Alex Olson in her endeavor to explain novel scientific findings and global health issues to improve health and raise awareness of the importance of biomedical research.


8 Responses to Video: Understanding Undetectable Viral Load

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  2. vincent guilin says:

    I enjoyed watching video. Simple, easy to understand, to the point. As a HIV/AIDS international educator/researcher I would recommend this video as part of HIV/AIDS education session.

    Vincent Guilin

    • San Francisco AIDS Foundation says:

      Thank you, Vincent! We’re so glad you found the video a useful resource. Please feel free to share it and use it as part of your HIV education work!

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  5. Steve says:

    at 3m30s in your video you depict a chart showing viral blips. It would be helpful if you would disclose the VL on the X axis. My understanding is that these blips are very small in the order of <1000 copies /ml. Seems rather trivial compared to VL in the millions of copies/ml in undetected primary infection. It would be very informative if you could plot both on the x axis, in proper scale, so people could visually properly judge the relative risk. 🙂

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